Harvard declared, “Veritas.” Going a bit further, Yale said. “Lux et Veritas.” Ebell, in its singular fashion added “I Will Find a Way, or Make One…”  In Ebell’s case, it pursued its mission of providing financial assistance in the form of scholarships to thousands of students attending Los Angeles County colleges and universities.  Starting with a few students and less than one hundred dollars in 1919, the fund made a great leap in 1927 when the Charles Flint family bequeathed a scholarship endowment to The Ebell.  Since then The Ebell has grown and nurtured a multimillion dollar fund.  Through its scholarship committee, The Ebell continues to seek out and subsidize academically outstanding students awarding grants totaling over $200,000 annually.

Donna Russell
Scholarship Chair

For more information you may call 323-931-1277 ext. 184 or email: scholarship@ebelloflosangeles.com

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